The World’s Most Effective Evidence Presentation Application – built by an attorney for attorneys!

LORA Courtroom is the world’s most effective and intuitive evidence presentation application. LORA Courtroom is different from other apps and traditional presentation programs because it was built by an actual trial attorney who needed something better than what was available. LORA was built after it was clear that everything else was too slow to access, too cumbersome to use, and too unreliable.


LORA’s concept is based in the requirement that an attorney must be able to adjust and adapt to both the questions of the judge and the witness under examination. Since its inception LORA has become the “standard” for legal evidence presentation in the courtroom, boardroom, and office – built by a trial lawyer for all legal work.

LORA Courtroom allows an attorney/legal team to easily and intuitively organize and professionally present evidence, documents, or position papers in any setting.

LORA Courtroom Uses

• Courtroom Trials

• Any Evidentiary Presentations

• Settlement Conferences

• Mediations

• Arbitrations

• Rule 26 Discovery Conferences

• Depositions and Deposition Preparation Meetings

Why We Made LORA

LORA Courtroom was created for the purpose of presenting evidence in a persuasive, attention commanding, fashion in either a courtroom, conference room, or practically any other legal setting where evidence is presented, reviewed, or analyzed. LORA is designed specifically for the modern “smart” court room and is able to function via dongle connection or mirroring technology. LORA will also work with any projector, computer monitor, or other display device.


LORA Toolkit

Lora’s design allows an attorney to highlight any specific piece of evidence – or any portion thereof – that might require emphasis so you can properly, and persuasively present an argument, engage the jury, judge mediator, arbitrator, and achieve a higher success rate. LORA’s toolkit that allows for such emphasis includes:



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